How to Organize a Sock Drawer in a Snap

This morning the girls were given the task of organizing their chaotic sock/underwear drawer.  That can be a daunting task for little girls, but thanks to having a willing big sister to help it wasn't too bad.    I found these simple organizers at TJ Maxx on clearance a while ago for $2 per 2 pack! 

So, the drawer was quite messy.  It was a sea of socks, which lost their match and underwear which amazing looked like they were just scrambled into the sea of socks.  This is NOT how they are given to the girls to put away!

With big sister's encouragement and help, they emptied the drawer, matched socks together and then folded the tops over its match to keep each pair together.  The underwear were each laid flat, folded into 1/3's and then rolled from bottom to the top band.  

Each drawer organizer was snapped together, then placed in the dresser drawer.  Two organizers were used for each drawer.

Next, simply load each organizer with the clothing.

Easy, peasy!  Bringing order to chaos!  A simple, successful morning project.

And if you want to know the ages...5 & 7 with the 11 year olds help.  It can be done!  Now the challenge of keeping it orderly.  😉



Homeopathic Remedies and Cleaning Giveaway WINNER

This morning all entries were placed in a bowl, mixed up and, with the aide of my eldest daughter, a WINNER was selected.  I'd like to say "thank you" for sharing such great recipes and ideas!  The winner will receive the items in this basket:

Thank you for participating in the giveaway and for those of you which left comments for entries.  So, without further delay...

The WINNER is...

Our First Home Birth ~ Rejoicing Over Logan Thomas

On Thursday, January 20, I was consistently having contractions about 5 minutes apart, so we called our midwives.  Lynn was with clients, so Michelle came.  When she arrived my contractions almost completely stopped - I was 4 cm and 100% effaced, but no real labor.  Michelle went home and said she’d stay on alert.

Mark took the day off and we enjoyed the time together…the last as a family of “four”.  Mark and I went on a dinner date, leaving the two boys with my mom.  I began having small contractions again regularly during dinner.  Yah!  A middle name still had not been decided for Logan so during dinner, Mark finally chose Thomas for his middle name.  I teased that Logan wouldn’t come until he had his name; little did we truly know how soon he would be here.

Family Fun ~ Summer Bucket List 2014 Printable

Summer is upon us!  Those that do not school year round, whether homeschool, private, parochial or public, may be asking, "What will we do with all this free time?"  If you aren't careful, the days will quickly slip by and before you know it, school routines will be back in action.  So, how about making strides to have some family fun?  What about using your summer to tie heart strings with your children by spending time together and making some fun memories together?

We usually take a summer vacation, but have decided to save that money this year, using some to get home projects done and the rest will be saved, going toward a family vacation next year.   This morning the children and I sat down to make a master list of all the FUN things they like to do or would like to do this summer.  There were two rules:  it could not be far away and it could not be expensive.  So, one by one I went around the table, youngest to oldest asking them for an idea.  We did this several times until we reached 30 ideas.  The kids thought it was great to give their input!  Some reminiscing happened and lots of giggles.  I took their ideas an created a printable.

Our First Daughter ~ Alyssa Grace

Free Banner Printable
I remember when when we first went to have a sonogram done to see what we were having.  I was sure number four would be a boy.  I mean, I have had three already.  I know how to do boys, so this was sure to be another, right?  October 2002, lying on the examine table and as soon as the transducer was placed on my tummy there "SHE" was.  My reaction...

"No.  It can't be.  I don't know how to do girls.  Check again."