Teach Me to Number My Days...How They Have Been Numbered of Late ~

With weeks of not posting, I thought this morning I would try to pull something together.  Time I normally would have given to journal, I have applied to things that have been more needful, trying to keep my family responsibilities balanced with spending time with Mom...trying to mix in to that some fun activities with the kids, when possible. 

Here is a short picture version of the past few weeks and where the Lord has directed my attentions.  Many hours have been spent with mom and the gift of time given by friends has allowed me to give undivided attention to her...be it helping to get things in order (paperwork and hours of phone calls), things around the house or what has been most preciuos to me are the times of documenting her life.  A project I look forward to doing is a biography scrapbook...using the hours of recordings of her life stories and history as the inspiration behind it.

Life in pictures...

Character Building
Learning to play "together ~ nicely"...

Life Skills
Big sister helping to learn to ride a bike...4 years old and off he goes!

Learning & Family Field Trips
A very interested young man in learning about the Coast Guards...that may be the path he will walk on in the future ~ the opportunity to tour this boat was during the "Lighthouse Days" last month...very full day and well attended event!

Pony rides at this same event...two very happy children!
Climbing the tower will have to be done another day...too crowded this time.

A visit with out-of-town family on a blistery early Spring day to the inlet and tour of the fort.

Lots of working at Gran's to get things back on track...
And hours of time spent talking, listening to history, and meals together with Gran...God is so good. (no pictures of this...but all will be cherished and one day...Lord willing...put into a book, a history scrapbook)

Times of Refreshment
Time spent celebrating another year of life with many friends...praise the Lord for snippets of His refreshment and encouragement in the midst of life's fullness of days.  This young friend's birthday served as a time to get together with other friends, making memories and learning valuable life lessons along the way...

And the gift from Him are moments like these, given at just the right moment during life's trials and very full days of responsibilities.  He is gracious to give times of laughter, simple play, a reminder of His goodness ~ a welcome distraction when they days are difficult.  :-)

And then Ressurrection Sunday...morning worship and evening dinner, Mom joining us for our Traditional "Ressurrection Roll Making" and our evening meal ~ a blessing this year and for the years to come...
(hard to make everyone happy...)