Time Management

Please check back often for articles on managing your time, scheduling and creating chore charts.  Also bookmark this site for schedule samples, printables and helpful resources.

How We Order Our Days:  Scheduling and Chore Charts ~ The why's and how-to's of creating chore charts, view three previous years of our family's chore charts, and a link to view age appropriate chores for children. (2009-2010, 2010-2011, and 2011-2012 Smith Family Chore Charts are available for viewing.)

Helpful Home Education and Home Management Forms ~ Samples of Chore Chart (2006-2007), Our Daily Schedule (2006-2007), Samples of Home Education Forms for Florida (Letter of Intent Form, Annual Evaluation Form, Reading Log by Title Form, Notice of Termination Form, and Curriculum Planner), and Our Breakfast/Lunch Rotating Menu Plans are all found on this post.

Why We Schedule Over the Summer ~ A post to the reasons and benefits of scheduling over the summer with links to helpful time management resources.

Planning for the School Year ~ Part 2 of a 3 part posting series on why and how I plan for each upcoming school year.  In this post, I focus on the practical aspects of planning my home education and home management forms (schedules, charts, etc.) that will be in place the week or two prior to our starting back of school.  You will find links to helpful home education and time management resources that I use in planning.

Preparing for the School Year ~ Part 3 of a 3 part posting series on factors I consider when preparing for an upcoming school year.  This post provides insight into how I make ready for managing our home and the education of our children each year.

What is Organizing and How We Do It ~ In this post, I provide step by step guidelines for how to bring order into your home.  I provide a link to "Storage Method" ideas that you can use in your home for organizing a myriad of areas and items.

Creating a Command Center ~ In this post, I provide a look at our family's command center...an area in our home that is centrally located where our family calendar is visible and copies of our daily family schedule, daily chore charts, menu plans and misc. extra-curricular schedules are posted.  You will also find links to some helpful time management and printable resources which I have utilized in the past.

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