Home Projects and Room Makeovers

As the seasons of life change in my home, so does our layout and design.  I am always watching for ways to make our home a haven, with the foundation of running more efficiently and effectively.  On this page you will find how we have and continue to transform our home, originally built for 3 into a home that easily works for 10.  Although, some of our in between updates are not featured here, I am trying to bring it current from around 2008 to present.  You will also find DIY projects, repurposing ideas and posts about creating your home to be a haven from the hustle and bustle of this world.  Check back often and leave a note to let me know of your visit ~ I love hearing from you!

Blessings ~




Dining Room

Living Room


Florida Room

  • Creating a Quiet Gathering Place {2014}

Master Bedroom

Children's Bedrooms

  • Room Conversions from Garage to Bedroom/Utility Area/Pantry/Storage {2012}
  • Girl's Room Flooring Replacement {2014]


  • Master Bathroom Updating {2008}
  • Guest Bathroom Updating {2014}


  • Walk Through Pantry {2012}

Laundry Room

Outdoor Spaces

  • Backyard Makeover {2012}
  • Driveway Addition - Section Replacement and Added 1/2 Circle Driveway to Existing {2014}

Garage and Storage Areas

  • Business Retention and Storage {2013}
  • Attic Organization {2014}

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