Managing a Large Family

Please bookmark this page and check back often for updates on how we manage our family of many; time, belongings and economics, to name a few.

How Do We Manage All The Clothes?  ~ In this post, you will read about how we manage the clothes that a family of 10 generates; in season clothing, our closet areas and out-of-season clothing.  You will also have access to a friend's web site for ideas on how clothes can be re-purposed.  Finally, you can learn about the management of dirty laundry and see a system that works for us.

Dirty Clothes Management ~ A look at the dirty clothes system we use in our modest laundry room for dirty clothing.  (2010 - We updated our laundry room in 2013 to bring a bit more "joy" to an area I spend so much time.)

Food Storage for Large Families ~ In this post you will see how we created a "pantry" in 2011, gather practical ideas on how to build your food basics economically and how having a basic supply can be a blessing in times of need and preparing for emergencies.

Too Many Cups ~  See what we do to keep a handle on who has what cup, minimizing the dishwasher from being full of cups and wondering when exactly was this cup from.

Storage Solutions ~ This post provides some practical ideas for managing all the stuff a large family can generate and bringing order to it.  You'll get a glimpse at closet systems we use and practical storage container uses.

Money Savings Tip - Toilet Paper Value ~ See how to calculate the best price for this daily used item.

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