Therefore be imitators of God, as beloved children.  And walk in love, as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us, a fragnant offering and sacrifice to God. 
Ephesians 5:1-2

According to history, on February 14, 269 a young man named Valentine was martyred for his faith.  History has pointed to several men named Valentine and legends vary on their lives.

Some say he was a young man with a tender heart who aided Christians who were undergoing martyrdom...he was not a Christian at the time, however converted to Christianity during his time in prison.  For what?  It is not known.  He would not renounce his faith and wrote letters to his friends saying, "Remember your Valentine."

Others say Valentine was a Roman priest who secretly married men against the orders of Emperor Claudius, to avoid husbands being sent to war.  This enraged the emperor who desperately needed soldiers.

And yet still another legend states the Roman priest refused to sacrifice to the pagan gods and was martyred for his defiance.  Legend has it that while he was imprisoned, his testimony was shared and his prayers for healing of the jailer's daughter brought her healing.  He left her a note signed "Your Valentine".  What do any of these accounts have to do with the way Valentines' Day is celebrated today? 

Today Valentine's Day marks a time of celebrating love and friendship...a time the retailers seek to profit .  We don't do anything overtly special for the day but do try to add extra emphasis on simple acts of kindness and love.  In the past we have made breakfasts special by making hearts shaped pancakes in the past or having strawberry milk.  We have made Valentine's cards and shared with friends, family and neighbors.  Each year I purchase little gifts for the children and leave out to bless them and show our love for them...

As Christians, our focus is Christ and every day is a day to remember the LOVE that came down...all things are filtered through that truth.  Today, I listened to a sermon by Pastor John MacArthur which is here, "Walking in Love, Part 1".  This is the first in a series of sermons he has preached on the topic.  As I listened to it, I had such a broken heart for all the times I have fallen short...short on love, short on forgiveness and just thank God for His love for me...undeserved LOVE.

Today, for the fun of it, I fixed the girls hair and with Alyssa's help made mine the same way.  We tried to do heart shaped twists that Connie shared, but I just couldn't get it, so we kept it simple with a pull-through ponytail.  I really need to play more with fun hair some of the ones that Shaunell does.  Wow!

Alyssa's pull-through pony was quite SIMPLE to do and does look very feminine, I think.

With Alyssa's help, here's mine.  A lot more hair to pull through and hard for me to do since it is so long.  Two are better than one.  ;D

Kailynn's little pull-through pony...a little more challenging to get all those strays in thanks to her doing some hair cutting in recent days.  ;-)

I think for tonight's meal...spaghetti with meatballs, a lovely green garden salad with RED tomatoes and Texas garlic toast.  As I sit here, I think about that Disney movie the Lady and the Tramp I saw YEARS ago...I think that had spaghetti and  XD  Oh yeah, for dessert {not a norm during the week....} peanut butter pies Logan made last night topped with little Wilton heart sprinkles.

What about you?  Any special traditions or projects you have done this year to show your love, friendship and kindness in your family?  Just drop a quick note or link back to a related post in the comments area...

Blessings ~

P.S.  Does anyone out there in the blog world have a SIMPLE pattern or how to video tutorial on how to make a prairie bonnet?  A special request of Alyssa for her birthday...Thanks in advance!