Bread at Last

Much to my husband's delight, today was a bread baking day. Always with a faithful helper at my side (one of the children), we began putting the ingredients in the bowl. Today's baking made me think of Christ in several ways, with each ingredient provoking me to think of Him and salvation - the water: cleansing and pure; the oil - His anointing; the honey - 'Grace, how sweet the sound'; salt - the truth of His word and healing; whole wheat flour - the wheat...His church; and yeast - how it makes the loaf rise...that He IS risen! The time of punching down, reminded me of life's many trials and the shaping, how He is the One that shapes and molds each of us. Then finally the baking, a reminder to me of how it may feel as we are going through those trials, the heat of life's pressures and demands. BUT there is no trial too big and "no pit too deep, that God is not deeper still" (Corrie ten Boom).

These are comforting thoughts to me. To many in this world this would be foolishness, but my hope is not in the world's 'philosophies' or 'knowledge' or 'science' hope is in Christ. His word proves true (so many situations, so many events bare witness to this fact).

Oh, that each day we would see Him in all that we do...that He would be the reason we do the things that we do. :-) All this from bread baking...

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Laura said...

What a delicious thought!
He is, after all, The Bread of Life.

I pray this will be an outlet of expression for you to proclaim with thanksgiving the wondrous works of God.

...and yes, I am thrilled to be the first comment!

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