Logs, Schedules, Charts & More

All the charts and logs were created as tables and may not show their borders/lines when you open the link. I hope they will at least provide you an idea of the information contained in them, of which you can easily use to create your own logs. May the list below be an encouragement and help to you in your homes and give you ideas that can be adapted to your own families.

Blessings and Peace ~ Jarnette

Daily Chore Chart for 2006-2007 (a schedule I created for using in conjunction with our Family Schedule...chores allow children to contribute to the family and teach them responsibility)

Family Schedule for 2006-2007 (this is the schedule we used in 2006, as it related to what needed to be accomplished each day - a guide to return to on the days the Lord redirected our steps - this will also give you an idea of how the Manager's of Their Homes method of scheduling works)

Breakfast/Lunch Rotating Menu from a few years ago (having one helps to budget, saves time and allows the kids to 'know' "what's for ...?")

Letter of Intent (usable sample for the state of Florida, compliant as of 2009)

Annual Home Education Evaluation Form (what we have used for the state of Florida with regards to portfolio method of evaluation, compliant as of 2009)

Reading Log by Title (one we have used in the past as part of the Florida portfolio requirements)

Reading Log by Title - another example that is more streamlined to Florida requirements

Notice of Termination for Home Education Form (when we graduated our son from the Home Education program, I created & used this form to notify our county that our program was complete...as in accordance with Florida Statutes)

Curriculum Planner (a form I use to help plan our school each for each child...I bring it with me to any Homeschool Conventions, book sales or when I am searching for used curriculum online.)


Lauren Brittany said...

Thanks for posting these, Mrs. Smith!! I've enjoyed looking at them over lunch. I'm one of those goal-oriented people who thrives on having a schedule. :)

Courtney (Women Living Well) said...

Thank you so much for sharing! I LOVE seeing what other women are doing in their homes for time management! Thank you for the sneak peak!

Much Love,