Shoes, Shoes, Shoes...Sort, Sort, Sort...Store, Store, Store

Phew! Okay, six years of shoes. We are tackling a few closets this week and this was one aspect of it, shoes from six girl to be passed on to two more. :-) This morning, Alyssa was put to the task of sorting all her shoes by size and then pulling out the sizes that currently fit her, Kailynn and Elizabeth. The others have been neatly put in clear totes for future use. Now the girls' shoe organizer rack in Alyssa's closet are neat, de-cluttered, and ready for easy access for each of them. :-) If only shoes could manage to stay with their match to put an end to the ongoing saga of "Time to go...where are your shoes?" There never seems to be a match when we are trying to go somewhere ~ why is that? :-) That's 9 people, 18 feet...multiply that by at least 2 pairs (more like 4 pairs) per person...ugh! That's a lot of shoes to keep sorted, paired and in their proper place!

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Emily Rachael said...

Oh my!
I never thought about the amount of shoes it takes to cover one large family's feet! :)
We've had the same issues with hand~me~down shoes... being the family of 3 girls that we are, so I can understand :)
Hope it went well for you!