Pictures of this Week

O Christmas Tree

If our "season" is not to go TO North Carolina...then North Carolina will come to us ~ a beautiful tree brought to us from NC ~ thank you!  Our home is filled with the lovely evergreen aroma and our hearts with memories of days gone by ~ Lights...the same lights we bought for our 1st Christmas tree 20 years ago ~ Ornaments...some over 20 years old, others new ~ some store bought, others homemade ~ some given from dear friends and neighbors...all memorable and reminders of Christ, family and friends.

"Legend has it that Martin Luther was walking home on a dark December evening when he was struck by the beauty of the starlight coming through the branches of the many fir trees in the woods around his home.  The German Protestant reformer was so captivated by the way the filtered light appeared that he felt moved to duplicate this effect on the tree he had placed in his home.  He tied a candle holder onto one of the evergreen's branches, put a candle in the wooden holder, and lit it.  Walking to the opposite side of the tree, he studied the flickering light.  He liked the effect and attached several more candles in the same way.  Not only was the preacher's family impressed, so were his neighbors.  A host of them added candles to their own indoor trees, and the tradition of a lighted tree was born."

"Luther taught his friends and family that the tree represented the everlasting love of God.  He pointed out that the evergreen's color did not fade, just as the Lord's love would not fade, no matter what the circumstance or trial.  The candlelight represented the hope that Christ brought to the world through his birth and resurrection.  Thus, to those who knew Luther, the tree evolved into a symbol not just of Christmas but of Christian faith in general."  Stories Behind the Great Traditions of Christmas by Ace Collins

The Sound of Music

The first concert of the rolled off the strings from pieces of folk to more traditional ones and "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" to bid good night to the filled auditorium.  Well done students!  Our family was blessed with the sounds of these lovely instruments all working together to produce sounds so pleasing to the ears.

An Impromtpu Lesson & Blessing of God's Creation

What a delight to see Monarch catepillars on our milkweed plants today!  These were planted in our butterfly garden last year and not only do we have 8 catepillars, we were visited by a Monarch butterfly while taking pictures!  This was an unexpected gift of God's creation today and a delightful lesson we gladly made time for!

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