His mercy is new and His grace is sufficient...

As I recall the events of these past few months and reflect on my days, my response to the demands and fullness of days and balance it all with the way the Lord has so quickly moved, answering prayers and going before it prompts me to write about something I believe we, as Christians, all have felt and gone through. The battle of not being anxious, but rather holding on to peace. The battle of not responding to stress and demands in our flesh, instead responding in the Spirit. The battle of giving thanks and maintaining joy, instead of being overwhelmed, fearful and frustrated when things are difficult. Now, don’t read this with the impression that things are hopeless here. It isn’t…for my hope is in Christ (Hebrews 6:11-20). This post is a sheer reflection on the days gone by…and anticipation of the days ahead.

I am thankful for the truth of those words… “His mercy is new and His grace is sufficient for thee!” I don't know about you, but some days just seem to start off challenging. Instead of that peaceful start to the day...you know the one where you wake up BEFORE everyone else does, get quiet time in with the Lord, a shower and get on to chores...the day starts hard. You don't get up on time (because maybe you were up half the night with a sick child or a baby that thinks it's the perfect time to coo and 'talk'), which seemingly throws everything into 'playing catch-up mode'. It's these verses that I hold on to...with anticipation of His mercy.

Maybe, I don't get the quiet time in that I need. Maybe the shower is postponed ~ or even still, nixed altogether. Maybe the day will require some rerouting of chores, school, & meals. But it's at this point that I SHOULD choose to call on Him, to thank Him for the curve ball and to believe that "His grace is sufficient" for me. I do not have to "wait until the next day for His mercy". He extends it to me throughout the day as I walk in faith...as I take "every thought captive" by combating feelings and thoughts of defeat with the truth of His Word. Maybe the day turns in to be more than a day…maybe it is a season.

Although I seem to have many late nights and many demands, His truth does not change (praise the LORD!). =) I can’t imagine being the only Christian that struggles with maintaining joy in the midst of heavy days. It sometimes feels down-right defeating…however, it is always such an encouragement to me to have a little reminder, be it from a dear friend or from my family that it's only a day, a moment…just as it blesses me to encourage you.

Life sometimes seems like this “peak and valley” process. I remember a word picture a pastor painted that I have drawn encouragement from over the years… “Our Christian walk is a set of hills and valleys, but one that is always climbing as the Lord sanctifies us. Although there are going to be “trials” (His words says there will be if you follow Him), we are always moving forward and upward, as the Lord continues to refine us…” This is not his exact wording, as it has been years ~ but a close summary of them.

The Lord is bigger than any obstacle and He cares for me (1 Peter 5:7). That maybe it is through that obstacle that He will use it for my good (my spiritual growth, the testimony He gives me through walking in obedience) and His glory, as that familiar verse of Romans 8:28 resonates in my ears. Maybe that trial or obstacle is to grow character...perseverance, diligence, learning to prioritize or to be flexible, to be hospitable or to serve others, as I can draw from Romans 5:3. Whatever the case, I know that His Word does NOT return void...that IT is profitable for teaching, for reproof, for training in righteousness (2 Timothy 3:16) ~ so I cling to it, meditate on it, and pray that through doing so it will shape me to be more like Him.

What do you do when things seem insurmountable? How do you handle those days when all seems muddled, seemingly unproductive, and moving backwards? How do you put to practice what you KNOW to be true and what practical application have you found to help move again in the right direction? Your comments, not only bless me, but I am sure will encourage all of us that have had “those” days.

Remembering that His mercy is new and His grace is sufficient...that He is the One directing each of our paths ~ that we plan, yes, so that when “'those days” come, we, by the grace of God, will handle them with the fruit of the Spirit.

Humbly ~


thoughts from a young man said...

You are so good Mommy...you go through a lot and I just want you to know that I love you :D
You put out 1001 percent for everyone...I know no else like you Mommy...I LOVE YOU!

~Zach S.

Mrs. Burnsed said...

What a beautiful heartfelt post :)
You know you are NOT alone...all of us moms have 'those kind of days' and depending on the 'season of life' they happen more fequently than other times. BUT we are more than conquerers through Christ! His grace is sufficient and His providence is rooted in His goodness :) Therefore we do not loose heart...we keep pressing on toward the upward call of Christ...by THE WORD AND PRAYER...THE WORD AND PRAYER...THE WORD AND PRAYER!!! And sometimes if things are EXTREMELY out of whack, I'll throw my whole days' agenda out the window and take my kids to the playpark or the beach or somewhere pleasant and we'll sing praise songs and talk about all the things we are thankful for.
I love you Jarnette! and I too think you are wonderful wife and mommy! May God pour out in abundance His richest blessings on you and your family this week! :)