Year End Concert

The Quartet and FYO Scholarship presentation...a young man who will pursue further music studies
Getting ready to play their selected pieces...

The FYO with some of the highschool band members joining in with percussion instruments

A crowd pleasing "surprise" ending to the evening with "Stand by Me"...the auditorium was filled with rhythmic clapping to the orchestra playing the tune and Mr. Umbarger singing...

Thankful for the inspiration Mr. May imparted to the FYO program and its students, the strength of the students to carry-on when tradegy came and encouraged by the gifted direction of Mrs. Umbarger...taking the inspiration given to the next level.  Looking foward to next year!


Lands Family Led by the Lord said...

Jarnette we love the new blog for spring and summer. Fun theme..
What a professional presentation you enjoyed. Lord willing next season our family can be blessed by a preformance..
Have a blessed day.
The Lands family

Tara said...

Love to see the picture of that night. Is it ok if I. Highjack the one of the cello's? I could not get a good picture of Jon all night. You caught him nicely there with Austin. That night was great the ending was fantastic.
I keep reminding my children Mr May planted the seed of love and Mrs Umbarger is here to water.
We will forever miss Jonathan May. My children are still adjusting and learning to deal with the changes.
I look forward to see what changes will come next year!

Shannon said...

Sorry that we were unable to attend, but the pictures display a wonderful concert! May the Lord continue to bless this program in your life....