List Making

I find that making lists (like To-Do Lists for example), helps to keep me focused and on track. When I write things down that I hope to do or that need to be done, not only does that list serve to channel my energy one task after another, but I actually accomplish more. Lists can save you time…save you money…save you energy…save your voice…save you brain cells (in my season of “mother to many”, that’s a precious commodity).

I make list for so many things…
  • Daily tasks (each day I make a to-do list of things needing to be done)
  • Grocery & home purchase needs (I try to keep an ongoing list so when shopping day comes I am ready with a quick final scan before heading out the door)
  • Extra home tasks for the children (each day I try to jot down a few extra tasks that need to be done around the home – some may be chores while others may be paying “jobs” – for the children to do)
  • Checklists for school work, chores, etc. (during the school year our schedule serves as a guide for what should be done each day and when…sometimes it helps to make a checklist for the children to “check off” as they complete each item…a friend put her child’s school checklist in a sheet protector to be checked of as they completed each item, reviewed by her when all items were “complete” and erased to be used again the next day…great IDEA!)
  • Inventory of pantry, freezer, curriculum, etc. (this helps to reduce duplicate purchases and/or to take advantage of sales at the store…knowing what you have is key to saving money)
  • Good books to read (this is a list of books broken down by genre that can be referred to when going to the library…serves to point children in a good direction when needed and/or for reading assignments)
  • Family activities (this is a list our family compiled for days when we want to do a fun spontaneous activity…a guide of ideas)
Making lists for your children serves a two-fold purpose. For example, regarding chores…when you make a list for each child of jobs needing to be done, specific to them, writing it down on paper allows them to have something tangible to refer to for keeping them on track and for you to be able to follow-up with to make sure they complete the tasks. How many times have you given your child something to do (told them verbally) and then you became distracted and never followed-up on that assignment…the task, let’s say you assigned them to take the dirty laundry to the laundry room and sort it. Instead of following up, you go about your business and forget to check back. When you go to do the laundry later, you remember/discover that the clothes never made it there or maybe they made it to the laundry room but not sorted…only left in this stinking heap! Well, a list may have helped you to hold them accountable before it got to this point. Now, this becomes another issue..a need for training or possibly a character (laziness) issue or maybe it’s a different character issue (lack of diligence)…they didn’t follow through because they got side-tracked. Is that dear mother, not the same example you have set? Distraction has caused you not to follow-up or follow-through and your child has just imitated the same behavior. Ouch. Don’t I know it!

I know I am stretched to the point that some days I feel like Stretch Armstong.  Having things down on paper helps all of us stay on track. I know when I am being pulled in many directions, I can easily forget what I assigned, forget to follow-up and then become stressed. Making verbal demands under pressure, spatting off 5, 6, 7 items as I see them becomes stressful for everyone and no one remembers and nothing gets done. It is so much better to write it down, then check it off. Everyone knows what is expected and has a paper guide to keep them focused.

I have run across some great resources on line for using list. Check out some of these sites and start your list making today. (love this site for creating an “Organized Home” notebook…calendars, party planning, lined paper, checklists, etc.)  (love this site for homeschool forms, lessons, printables, etc.)  (other fun homeschool forms, charts, and journals for many subjects)  (free printable paper, signs, templates)  (free printable charts & calendars)  (free printable checklists for to-do’s, grocery, math, spelling, etc….color graphics)  (a site containing hundreds of printable forms, charts, lists, party planning pages, coloring sheets, crafts, etc.)

If you have a treasured resource to share for free printable lists, charts, schedules or home organizing/home schooling forms, please share it with us by leaving a comment.

Blessings as you check off you way to completion ~

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Quinn said...

Using your giveaway prize daily for list-making even though I have most of what I'm writing down on hardcopy in binders. Right now I'm needing to physically write things down daily with the satisfaction of scratching them off "to keep my head above water" around here right now. Great post!