School Preparations

Every year summer seems to be the time I utilize for planning, organizing and preparing for the next “school year”. I tend to make a list of areas that need to be focused on, along with redoing my meal plan 5 week rotation schedule (for breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack & dinner), creating a new AM/PM chore chart, lesson plans and daily family schedule (which is always needing much tweaking each year…nursing babies, changing “seasons of life”, activities and college classes to factor in).

I have tried to utilize my spare moments and time gifted...“Dad taking the kids out for a while”... to organize and tackle some of the more involved projects.

Here’s what I’ve been busy doing "in between life" these days to help prepare for our upcoming school year…which is coming way TOO fast:

Cleaning out, purging and organizing our school closet
(All school supplies are sorted through and labeled, all curriculums have been re-evaluated, sorted by subject and shelves labeled, game & puzzle boxes repaired then returned to nicely cleaned shelves…sure feels good when things are in order and easily located.)

Computer programs have been loaded and lessons are soon to be done
(We are venturing down a new curriculum road this year, as our season of life requires it…the two older boys will be using Switched on Schoolhouse {along with a few lapbook studies to compliment the SOS lessons} and ABeka video again for Alyssa…we try to do the first three years of school using ABeka – excellent phonics/reading program)

Meal planning and chore charts complete…wahoo!

Lots of books and learning materials pulled to be donated, shared and sold (in the future…) which makes room for the materials we will use this year and future ones.

Cleaned out and organized the kitchen pantry
(This makes meal preparations and food shopping trips to be simplified…keeping things in order saves money and time.)

Cleaning out closets and dresser drawers/baskets
(With 9 people living in less than 2000 square feet, every inch counts – besides my children seem to be growing by leaps and bounds (they are good eaters) – so this needs to be done almost quarterly…back-to-school time seems like the perfect time to do it again.)

Setting up school bins for each child to hold this year’s books, supplies and portfolio

Well, that is a glimpse at some of my preparations for this upcoming year. Still much to fit in before we start our first day on the 16th, Lord willing…on to working on my daily schedule and then lesson plans.

Praying to “start well” and “finish well”…will require God’s grace, my consistency and diligence and my children’s teachable spirit and will to do things thoroughly and completely…a good attitude will go a long way, too.

Blessings as you plan and prepare your upcoming year ~

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Lands Family Led by the Lord said...

By wisdom a house is built,
and through understanding it is established;
through knowledge its rooms are filled
with rare and beautiful treasures..

Love in Christ,

Courtney said...

Love your post Jarnette! Thanks so much for sharing your link! I realized I need to order some of those spaces in my home as well. Thanks so much for linking to LPLS!

Seasons of Life said...

Thank you for your encouragement ladies. Life with children (blessings that they are) does require continually cleaning and organization. Love it though...AND I get lots of practice! :D