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FOR TODAY...Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Outside my window...{if you look out the front window, spring green everywhere ~ trees, grass, flowers ~ jasmine in bloom, rose bush offering large red fragrance, magnolias fill the air BUT out the back…oh my, still a construction zone ~ DIRT (can’t wait until trees are down, fence is finished and sod can be laid!), both sides of the fencing done…lovely white border, garden boxes are really filling out with fruits and veggies, orange blossoms fading into tiny green round oranges, BUT oh that back yard! Holding on to the vision of final results…}

I am thinking...I seem to lose motivation around this time of year regarding current year school and want to always jump into the next year’s planning; watching how the children are drawn toward the beautiful weather and need prodding to keep focused...but knowing this is their tendency, I do fit in lunches at the park or additional outside time during the day to help provide more focused afternoons {last week we met my husband for lunch at a quiet park and witnessed several learning opportunities...a hummingbird, a Carolina wren's nest, and the icing on the cake was a raccoon scavenging a dumpster for lunch}
I am thankful for...a week off from normal school schedules as Resurrection Day marks the first day of our Easter break.

I am praying for…a friend and her family's soon departure to minister to her oldest daughter across the ocean opposite, another marking the end to one season of life while embracing a new opportunity to assist her husband with business, my mom…changes and that each day would be one she embraces as a gift, endurance for myself and new energy to work on tasks that have been pushed to the side

From the learning rooms...Easter break! {although this week will be a break from ‘normal’ routine, we will still work on preparing for portfolios…yearbook scrapbooks, gathering samples, finishing up writing assignments, etc.}

From the kitchen...leftovers from dinner last night: smoked ham, baked macaroni n’ cheese, salad, corn-on-the-cob, cranberry sauce and bread {Resurrection Sunday dinner was postponed to Monday which coincided with Austin’s 15th birthday…so we enjoyed a nice sit-down meal with friends after Orchestra and embraced the two days together}

What is a party without cake & ice-cream?  He wanted to make his own lots of vanilla icing and candy sprinkles it was!  {Notice the two candle blowers...K & Graham blew as soon as we stopped singing and Austin was the accommodating big brother...}

I am creating...notes of gratitude and encouragement to send to a few friends and loved ones today

I am take one to football practice this evening {will provide me an hour or so to catch up on some grading…as well as, watch him practice and prepare for the championship game this Saturday!}

Last playoff game, this past Saturday...Logan was so excited to intercept this pass and return for a touchdown...the team was cheering him on all the way & they won a nail-biting for the Championship Game this Saturday!

I continue reading...the Bible, Spurgeon’s Morning & Evening and My Utmost for His Highest

I am hearing...the washer spinning, pages turning in a workbook, the hum of a fan…what’s missing? I need to put on some Christian music ~ maybe one of my favorites to set the tone of today.

Around the house...order in some areas, disorder in others…a few paper piles to tackle that has been pushed off for quite some time.

One of my favorite things…seeing anticipation in my children

Anticipating the empty tomb...Resurrection Rolls baking after all the children prepared them Resurrection Day morning ~ Zach did our reading as each child helped in preparing the "body" {marshmallow}, click here for the recipe.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing…

Sunrise Birthday Tradition...15 years ~ a beautiful array of light beginning another day of life

Blessings this week ~

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Monica said...

A wonderful Daybook! Lovely memories! Thank you for sharing them with us!