Waiting on the Lord...

The LORD is my chosen portion and my cup;
you hold my lot. 
The lines have fallen for me in pleasant places;
indeed, I have a beautiful inheritance.

I bless the LORD who gives me counsel;
in the night also my heart instructs me. 
I have set the LORD always before me;
because he is at my right hand, I shall not be shaken.

Therefore my heart is glad, and my whole being rejoices;
my flesh also dwells secure. 
For you will not abandon my soul to Sheol,
or let your holy one see corruption. 

You make known to me the path of life;
in your presence there is fullness of joy;
at your right hand are pleasures forevermore.

Psalm 16:5-11

A family shot while we witnessed the passing of Hurricane Irene along the Florida coast.
Thursday, August 25, 2011

We have been in the birthing window (as I like to call it) for a couple of weeks now.  I continue to grow in the belief that due dates are man’s guess…the Lord has the perfect day appointed for the birth of any little one. I am growing in this area, which for the “scheduler” I am, has been a stretch for me. To release control of timing of a blessing’s arrival to the Lord (the better place to be) is a process that has taken me several births to reach. I no longer “share” our due date but instead provide a round-about time to inquirers (even family and close friends). So much pressure is released as I have moved in this direction, so if a due date comes and goes, so be it.  {FYI...Our experience is our sonography is fairly accurate and we have only had one out of our seven children born thus far pass the "due date"...so this process for me isn't that I have encountered great disappoints, but more releasing it over to the Lord, who is truly the one who has appointed the day a child will be born...I am willfully choosing to rest in that knowledge...although some days are harder than others.} 

My body is preparing for her birth…a normal, slow process that accelerates as the delivery time draws near. In the meantime, it is not hard to stay busy with a houseful of children and having started our list of preparations several months ago, there is always something to work on, so the time does fly. My 6 page To-Do List of things (some big projects, some minor) I hoped to get done before she comes is drawing to an end and is about 95% complete. Having our home organized, clean and our school year underway allows for peace. Taking time to be still each day has allowed me to enjoy the blessing of pregnancy and to be in awe of the gift of life from the Lord. To know He has formed this child and prepared each of her days according to His perfect will is something I draw joy in knowing. I, as the rest of our family, all look forward to meeting her soon.

Reflecting back, there have been days of challenge…days where hormones or pregnancy discomforts or discouragement have factored in. Those days are few in comparison to the big picture though. And amazingly {I should not be amazed at the Lord's mercy and provision...but yet, I still am.}, the Lord always seems to provide mercy on those difficult days ~ whether through the kindness of a friend or my children or husband or in His Word ~ provision to renew, to regroup, to reclaim truth. 

I really am in awe of what the Lord has done and continues to do in our home, family and lives. Looking back to our early days of marriage with only one child…no plans for more...to where He has brought us is such a transforming work. Our home is full BUT not overfull…there is life, living and love that fill these walls and each child brings such a sweet addition to it. Each with different personalities, strengths and weaknesses. Each with special interests and giftings that shape them into who the Lord desires them to be. Each providing us opportunities to grow and be sanctified as parents, to grow in love, patience, humility, and joy. Each one going through various seasons of life, as they learn to lean on the Lord during times of challenge and rejoice during times of reflection as they see His faithfulness in their lives.

As I wait for the Lord and His appointed day to meet our newest little one, I encourage you all to take a few moments and reflect on the goodness of the Lord in your own lives…the gift of the children He has given you…they grow fast.

The sea is his, for he made it, and his hands formed the dry land.  Psalm 95:5
A reminder of His sovereignty in our lives and over His creation...

Because of Him ~

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