As we enter into December...

FOR TODAY...Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Outside my window... still and dark, dew settled on all things in cool of the wee hours

I am’s going to be year-end before I know it which means tax preparations will fill my New Year.  December has started off to be an intentional month of living...intentional in staying focused on Christ through the busyness of the season.  December's calendar is selectively full but not overflowing.  The transition from autumn to winter, Thanksgiving to Christmas having taken place without too many bumps. 

I am thankful for...In my list of gratitude {#43-60}, I am thankful for:

~ growing boys into men...doing the hard things
~ tree planting work opportunities this past week for Austin...acres of saplings
~ planted to replace ones lost in a brush fire this year
~ grace when accidents occur and God's hand of healing {praying for two children this week suffering with a broken bone and another with 3rd degree burns}
~ grace to handle defeat...or at least for opportunities to teach this {two difficult playoff games this past Saturday for Logan, one more to go}

Logan missing the "pull" for this defensive move...the opponant was very fast and avoided having flags pulled throughout the game many times.
~ a girl who has taken it upon her 26 month old self to potty train

~ getting our Christmas pictures snapped today so cards can be ordered {not an easy feat with a home of 10 and varying schedules}

One of several shots...this time Carolyne is the protestor of group pictures.
~ hearts desiring to do "secret acts of kindness" each day...still working on the secret part ;-)
~ dinners at Cracker Barrel {spontaneous and rewarding}
~ the smell of a fresh cut Christmas tree {brought from NC...thank you}
~ a chat with a neighbor this week
~ music opportunities for our young is such a beautiful gift and I'm blessed to have our home filled with it

~ having times set aside to fellowship with friends this month

~ being home with my children each day {even the difficult ones...} and growing together
~ God's grace in my Mom's life
~ God being the Author and Finisher of our faith and not us
~ the last faucet part coming in today {a leaky faucet since October and the part was on backorder...}
~ a lifetime warranty on the faucet {no out-of-pocket expense...a good thing}

From the kitchen...December is a month of above average activities, so our menu will be somewhat loose...loose, but not non-existant.  ;-)  This week will look something like this:

Sunday:  Simple
Monday:  Grilled chicken, rice cooked in chicken broth to flavor, buttered peas and biscuits
Tuesday:  that spontaenous meal out to Cracker Barrel {after taking family Christmas pictures}
Wednesday:  meatloaf, mashed garlic potatoes, steamed dill carrots
Thursday:  lasagna, homemade whole wheat french bread with olive oil dipping sauce, salad, s'mores...maybe with a fire
Friday:  beef barley vegetable soup and bread
Saturday:  chicken and turkey pot pies

From the learning alouds of our Christmas books, lots of nativity playing, still working on division {Alyssa} and fractions {Logan}, instrument practice for upcoming concerts, studying and term papers {Zach} as this semester comes to an end...finals week.

Upcoming plans...plumber coming to replace parts on my kitchen faucet, Orchestra concert {Wednesday night}, football practice {Friday night}, final playoff game {Saturday} with a community parade in the evening...with some fellowship time in the mix of it all...and for added blessings for giving, I am hosting a Christmas Blessing Giveaway {read about it here}

Around the house...things are looking a lot like Christmas ~ our tree is decorated, nativities around the house and little trees in each room, lights hung inside and out, our baskets filled with blessings for others ready for upcoming deliveries and preparations for several hospitality gatherings underway.

One of my favorite things...the smells of Christmas {balsam & cedar Yankee candle scent}, cinnamon pine cones, baking of sugar cookies, coffee {although I don't like the smell}, ummm...

Here is picture for thought I am sharing

Our little miss is already 3 time passes by so quickly!  She's such a sweet blessing to our family, truly adding "Joy".

Blessings ~

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Quinn said...

3 months! Wow, it fly so quickly if you're not the one with sleepless nights :) Loved her little photo, that sweet face put a smile on mine!

Purposely at Home said...

awww! carolyne is so adorable and is growing like a weed!

your christmas picture is great...we took ours this past sunday and are hoping to get some cards made soon too....should be posting them on the blog after we send them out... :)