Remembering Those Who Served Bravely...Thankful Indeed

In honor of all who have given the ultimate sacrifice to protect and defend our country throughout the years, we give thanks!  May the Lord bless the families who have lost loved ones in battle and those who have served our country bravely, honorably and sacrificially.  May He bless each family, who even now,  has someone serving in our Armed Forces…not only is the serviceman or servicewoman to be honored, but we give thanks to their families…understanding that it is a sacrifice for you as well having your loved one in the military.

We were blessed to attend our local Memorial Day Observance event, were tribute was paid to those who gave their lives to serve our country.  The posting of colors was reverently conducted, Pledge of Allegiance was said proudly, the National Anthem was sang beautifully, a special recognition was given to one 92 year old WWII veteran for his service – presented the French Legion of Honor Award, and a reminder was given that there is a cost for freedom – roll call of veterans in our county who have passed away since last Memorial Day, a wreath placement to honor those who gave their lives and then there was the moving rifle salute and Taps.  May we never forget that this weekend marks more than a time of gatherings…BUT it is because of those who so proudly serve our country that we have the freedom to gather. 

We Salute YOU...

 #61-66 Thankful for the:

  • Bravery of those who lay down their lives...thank you
  • 44 years of life to my husband today ~ Happy Birthday!
  • has been a dry land lately and the subtropical storm provided drink for the thirsty land, thank you Lord
  • getting to know one of Logan's coach's better this weekend with he and his family joining us for an afternoon of fun, fellowship and food
  • access to the Lord who hears our prayers....prayers for a friend's mother who is suffering the pains of this life, prayers for the newest blessing to enter this world into a precious family, prayers for the momma of this little one to hold fast to the One who holds all things together, prayers for another precious friend who is ministering to her children and grand-children with love, sacrifice and joy...strength for each new day, prayers for so many more He lays on my heart as children graduate, serve in the military, enter a new season of life looking for work after years of diligent study in school...thank you Father for directing each one according to Your will and purpose
  • for GRACE...grace when we fall short, when we fail, when we struggle, when we are discouraged...FOR YOUR GRACE IS SUFFICIENT FOR ME!

REMEMBERING those who gave their life ~

The 10 Smiths

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