Autumn Creating and Decorating

Autumn is one of my favorite seasons!  I live in Florida therefore we have to create autumn in our home, as our location doesn't provide the beauty of "change in seasons".  This year, after pulling down our autumn decorations and going through them all these are some of the elements we decided to use in adding touches of autumn to our home.

Glass bead pumpkins & gourd placed on wooden pillar candlesticks; autumn leaf garland swagged over mirror; a splash of color added in our foyer with reminders of gratitude and praise plaques; layered beans added to our bubbled hurricane glass vase {pinto beans, black beans and yellow corn} with a pumpkin candle added to the center and an autumn wired-ribbon tied to the base

Using elements we already have made for adding color simply {and inexpensively}.  Putting garland and pumpkins in a dark willow basket and then placed on a stand in our foyer; placing a pumpkin on the sconces to the right and left of our entry door added color to the greenery already there; hanging a simply made wreath on the front door; placing autumn colored flowers in a "pumpkin" basket adds color to the bathroom
I try to add a little touch of autumn to each room in our home.  Not overbearing, but a splash here and there in simple ways.

Here are some of the new elements added this year.

This was a tiered arrangement I made to put in our entry.  I found a large woven basket on clearance at Michael's, bought a couple bunches of autumn colored flowers {50% off} and leaves and two glazed  pumpkins {one large and one medium}.  I placed foam {already had} inside the basket to fill up 1/2 way, then topped with natural colored paper shred {already had}.  Next I used bamboo skewers {already had} to attach to the bottom of the large pumpkin and positioned in the foam.  Following that, I place 3 more skewers into the top of the large pumpkin and pushed the bottom of the medium on top.  I left about 4-6 inches of space between the two pumpkins.  I used a pair of Klein's to cut the flowers at the base of each stem so I had about 4-6" worth of wire stem to work with for each flower.  I positioned the flowers into the basket along the top, pushing into the foam and then took the other 1/2 of flowers and pushed into the top of the large pumpkin to fill in the gap between the two pumpkins.  Wahla!  Using a large foam block, I covered it with brown fabric, added a little welcome sign and our scarecrow for a warm welcome to all who grace our front door.
This was a simple display I made using a hurricane vase {$2.97}, miniature straw pumpkins, gourds and pine cone potpourri mix {already had}, fabric leaves {already had} and one strand of battery operated LED Christmas lights {$4.97}.  I layered the lights with the potpourri mixture and leaves and that's it!  A simple, inexpensive autumn display perfect for any room.
I did pick up a few new home decor items this year.  The olive glass vase with be useful throughout the year for decorating, but this season will hold a straw and autumn arrangement giving height to the area behind our sectional; a striped feather pillow adds a splash of color & comfort to our sofa and the smaller pillow {a gift from a neighbor years ago} was simply turned over to display the solid black fabric on the other side; and finally the cute ceramic pumpkin I thought was too sweet to pass up.  I love the night light bulb which is used to illuminate the die-cut floral print encompassing the pumpkin.  It rest on a satin leaf place mat {already had} on our foyer book cabinet and doubles as a night light at night.
How do you bring autumn into your home this year?  I'd love to hear about great elements you have added to your home or great deals you have found this year.  Leave a comment with a link to your ideas so we can visit.


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Virginia Knowles said...

Some of my fall decorating for this year can be found here:

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Seasons of Life said...

Hi Virginia! Thanks for visiting today and leaving your links. I just love autumn, don't you? Goodwill is the first stop I made to look for baskets and vases for decorating...always at a fraction of the cost!



melissa * 320 Sycamore said...

I love how you put touches of autumn into each room! So warm and cozy for this time of year :)