Long Hair...

Well, today is my hair appointment.  I have been talking with my family about getting it cut for a few months now.  I typically go once a year to get the back trimmed, but it's time to do something a bit different.  So, I thought I'd share a "NOW" picture before I go later today. 

Air dried morning of May 1, 2013...today.

I am not sure {and probably won't decide until I'm sitting in the chair} just how short I will go.  It's been growing for several years and honestly, I did not realize it was as long as it is until Alyssa took a picture on my phone this morning...funny.

I've had it many different lengths over the years.  It seems like major transitions in length have taken place prior to major life events:

From long {mid-back} to shoulder length before I got married...{I went in for a trim..hahaha}

From shoulder length to VERY short, right after having Zach, 23 years ago. {That was a shock for Mark...}

Top pic:  1990 - Zach at 1 day young and prior to getting my hair cut VERY short {this was the cut of my wedding length}
Middle pic:  1996 - Austin was 1 week young {I had let my hair grow back to shoulder length...see the next set of pics for the "in between year"}
Bottom pic:  2000 - Logan was 1 day young {my hair is past my shoulders at this point in history}

Top pic:  1990 {Zach was 6 months; his 1st road trip and the photo is 5 generations ... my great-grandmother's 82nd birthday}
Bottom pic:  1996 {I let my hair grow into a "wedge style"}

Then, I let it grow out into a "wedge style"...I really liked this style, but I was a LOT younger then and could carry it off.  {The down side to this was I had to style it everyday to make it straight...and it was doable because I only had Zach then...}

I had my hair cut into a wedge style again from Austin's birth to my 25th birthday.  {See above middle pic for the pre-cut length. 1996}  Then the bottom pic in the 1st set shows the length it grew back to at the time of Logan's birth {2000}.

Then I started letting it grow back out.  I had it just past my shoulders when Logan was born and let my natural curl rule.

Top pic:  2004 - Alyssa at 1 year, my hair had grown to bottom shoulder length.
Bottom pic:  2006 - Graham at 1 week and hair is just a bit longer in length.
Top pic:  2007 - 1 day after Kailynn's birth {not pictured}; now my hair is mid-back
Bottom pic:  2009 - Liz at 1 day young; hair is slightly longer than above.

2012 - Carolyne {my hair is now to the bottom of my back}

So, I guess it's taken about 6-7 years to get it from that length to this one.

I'll share the "LATER" shot after I get it done.  We'll see in a few hours.  ;D

Blessings ~


ILN said...

I love playing around with my hair too!

Anonymous said...


I've been wanting to come stop by and say hi, but I haven't been online too much since the baby was born. I think about you every time I put one of the onesies you bought Ashlyn on her. I wanted to stop by and tell you again what a HUGE blessing you were to me while I was pregnant!! You were the only person who did anything for me and I will never forget your kindness. It is usually me who does for others so it was really a blessing for me to be on the receiving end. Thank you!!

I love your hair cut by the way!! :) I hope all is well with you and your family. I would love to hear how y'all are doing if you ever have time. Our email address is quinnfamily00@yahoo.com