Family Fun ~ Summer Bucket List 2014 Printable

Summer is upon us!  Those that do not school year round, whether homeschool, private, parochial or public, may be asking, "What will we do with all this free time?"  If you aren't careful, the days will quickly slip by and before you know it, school routines will be back in action.  So, how about making strides to have some family fun?  What about using your summer to tie heart strings with your children by spending time together and making some fun memories together?

We usually take a summer vacation, but have decided to save that money this year, using some to get home projects done and the rest will be saved, going toward a family vacation next year.   This morning the children and I sat down to make a master list of all the FUN things they like to do or would like to do this summer.  There were two rules:  it could not be far away and it could not be expensive.  So, one by one I went around the table, youngest to oldest asking them for an idea.  We did this several times until we reached 30 ideas.  The kids thought it was great to give their input!  Some reminiscing happened and lots of giggles.  I took their ideas an created a printable.

The list will be kept on our fridge so when we plan our weeks, we can use ideas that the children came up with.  There are a few that will be repeated, just because they enjoy doing them so much.  Other ideas will give us an opportunity to step out and do something new, making new memories.

This Summer Bucket List will help me, too.  I have a tendency to lean heavier on work and responsibilities {which in a large family never end} so the play is what I don't always engage in.  I am hoping to bring a little more play into my summer with the children, while still getting all the planning and upcoming school year preparations done, too.  Balance.

I used PicMonkey to create our master 2014 Summer Bucket List from all their ideas.  I am posting the free printable on my Free Printables and Resources page for any reader of Seasons of Life to use with your family.  I'd love to know if you do, so leave a quick comment and let me know what you think.  What will your family do this summer?


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