How to Organize a Sock Drawer in a Snap

This morning the girls were given the task of organizing their chaotic sock/underwear drawer.  That can be a daunting task for little girls, but thanks to having a willing big sister to help it wasn't too bad.    I found these simple organizers at TJ Maxx on clearance a while ago for $2 per 2 pack! 

So, the drawer was quite messy.  It was a sea of socks, which lost their match and underwear which amazing looked like they were just scrambled into the sea of socks.  This is NOT how they are given to the girls to put away!

With big sister's encouragement and help, they emptied the drawer, matched socks together and then folded the tops over its match to keep each pair together.  The underwear were each laid flat, folded into 1/3's and then rolled from bottom to the top band.  

Each drawer organizer was snapped together, then placed in the dresser drawer.  Two organizers were used for each drawer.

Next, simply load each organizer with the clothing.

Easy, peasy!  Bringing order to chaos!  A simple, successful morning project.

And if you want to know the ages...5 & 7 with the 11 year olds help.  It can be done!  Now the challenge of keeping it orderly.  😉



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