Menu Plan Monday

We are on Week 3 of our family's rotating dinner menu, so here's what should be cooking this week. :-) (Of course, this may change if baby comes during the week...bigger smile.)

Monday: Beef tips with beef gravy over egg noodles; California blend veggies; bread; applesauce

Tuesday: Grilled pork chops; garlic and butter pasta shells; corn (hubby's favorite); rolls or biscuits

Wednesday: Grilled smoked turkey sausage; Lima beans over rice; sliced pears

Thursday: Spaghetti with meatballs; green beans w/ garlic n' almonds; Texas toast

Friday: **Sante Fe Soup
with toppings

Saturday: Birthday....normally would be Chicken n' Dumplings; mixed veggies; applesauce

**Sante Fe Soup freezes well, so I usually prepare extra, freezing any leftovers for a quick meal or to use for making 'Chili Dogs'.

I thought I would also include our Weekly Snack Menu to give you an idea of how we try to handle the afternoon munchies in our family. This keeps it simple, provides reasonable snack boundaries which helps prevent spoiling dinner and 5 different snacks a day between the kids. :-)

Monday: Usually our planned co-op day (for next year) so whatever is shared at co-op;
otherwise a snack bar

Tuesday: Cheese stick or graham crackers

Wednesday: Apple or yogurt

Thursday: Small bag of microwave popcorn or cup of non-sugar dry cereal (a treat for my kids)

Friday: Cup of cheese crackers or cup of animal crackers

Saturday: Cup of pretzels or spoonful of peanut butter

As with all our menu plans, this is flexible depending on the day's events, grocery store sales, etc. I have snack time allotted for between 2 PM & 3:30PM to give balance to the afternoon and once again, not too late as to not spoil dinner. This generally holds them over and is after the little ones nap time. I try to buy snacks in bulk (to reduce costs) and always try to have animal crackers on hand as a staple...the kids like them, they are not high in calories or it's fun to play with the animals and trade for the younger ones. :-) Enjoy and be blessed around your meal table this week.

Blessings ~


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