She's Here...Announcing Elizabeth Hope!

(1 hour young)

Elizabeth Hope
Gracefully entered our home on Wednesday, September 23, 2009
at 4:41PM

8 pounds 12 ounces

20 1/2 inches long

brown hair (can you believe it?!) and dark blue eyes

I awoke at 3am with consistent contractions occurring every 10 minutes or so. I got up ~ laundry called ~ and then I woke Mark around 4:30am. We called the midwife and that was the beginning of her journey.

Of course, I have been anxiously awaiting and trying to reconcile when she would actually come. Now I can say...our due date was Saturday ~ my birthday ~ September 19th. How sweet the thought was to have a baby for my birthday...God's plan was obviously different.

This was actually happening...not according to my plan...which would have been in the wee hours while children were sleeping, awakening to their newest little sister, but God was teaching me and growing me in His sovereignty over ALL things. This would NOT be a night birth, it would NOT be while my children were nestled in their beds soundly sleeping, it would NOT go quickly ~ according to my time table, BUT would be ALL in accordance to HIS perfect plan.

Contractions were VERY manageable, my water did not break and things moved slowly, but easily along throughout the day. Our home was very peaceful, as the children were blessed to spend the day and evening with a friend (and their friends). Our midwife and her student assistant spent the duration with us, also awaiting for the appointed moment of her arrival. I still struggled believing that this was the day ~ for goodness sakes...I could carry on conversation easily, my water hadn't broken...was this really going to happen? Amy Carmichael's poems put to music were softly playing throughout the labor to help still my mind...(beautiful CD and one of my favorites)

Yes. By 4:00pmish I was around 8cm dilated and now needed to focus during contractions (with each one I purposefully gave thanks to the Lord). By 4:30pm a contraction and my water broke. Two concentrated pushes (almost completely dilated...but my body said 'push') and "welcome to the world"...she here. Of course, she has loved her hands from the time she found them in the womb and why would she change that during delivery? That first push was a delivery of head AND elbow...a doozy, but God is good!

I will say that despite the growing process the Lord taught me during this labor (releasing the plans of myself and resting in His perfect ongoing lesson)...the actual labor was one of our best ones...beautiful, peaceful pregnancy and an equally beautiful and peaceful birth.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

The 9 Smiths ~ Thursday, September 24th (16 hours young)


Jo said...

We're so happy to hear of Elizabeth's arrival and that all things went well.
She is beautiful, fitting in well with the rest of your sweet family.
Thank you for the photos and update. We look forward to meeting Elizabeth in person very soon.
May the Lord continue to bless your family during this time of bonding with this dear bundle of joy.
Rejoicing with you,
Jo Case & Family

Emily Rachael said...

Congratulations, Mrs. Smith!
I'm SO happy for y'all!
Elizabeth Hope is a gorgeous little person!
Glad everything went smoothly!
May our Lord bless!

Mrs. Burnsed said...


Laura said...

You have proven & shown,
~the joy of the Lord
is your strength.

A mighty work is at hand here.

Praising God for His perfect will in the life of The Smith Ohana
(hawaiian for family)

We love you each and every one,
{{* *}} & family

Joel said...

Congratulations Smith family :-) I am so happy for you :-)


The Feldman Family said...

Praise the Lord! And congratulations! We're so happy to see the beautiful new addition to your precious family! We're praying for your continued peace and focus on the Lord during this very sweet time in your life. May Elizabeth Hope be a beautiful Christian daughter for your delight and God's glory! In Jesus name, Amen.

Lauren Brittany said...

What a beautiful baby girl Elizabeth is! We're so glad to hear she is healthy and that your delivery was smooth. May she grow up to be a mighty woman of God!

We can't wait to meet her!

~Lauren and the rest of the Hopes :)

crcritcher said...

Congratulations Smith Family!! And WELCOME to Elizabeth Hope! Can't wait to meet her and hold her:)

Tara said...

Oh Elizabeth Hope is beautiful. I look forward to meeting Elizabeth in person. So glad everything went smoothly and in God's timing.
Praise God for HIS Glory and Blessing he has bestowed on our Family.

Seasons of Life said...

We thank you all for your prayers, blessings and rejoicing with us in this beautiful gift of life! She truly is a sweet little one ~ just as she was for the 9 months I carried her!

In His Love ~ The 9 Smiths

ksutton76 said...

Oh, the perfect workmanship of God's Hands... I love to see each new one that the Lord brings to all of us. Welcome, sweet Elizabeth Hope - we all are anxious to see you and smell the ever-so-sweet new baby smell, yum!!!!
Jarnette, you look fabulous! Blessings to all of you~
The Sutton Famly

The Sparlings said...

Thanks so much for sharing her picture!
She is absolutely beautiful. May God continue to bless your family as you raise her for His glory.
the Sparling Family

Anna Grace said...

What a sweet vessel to pour the Gospel into!

I'm praying for you all and rejoicing in my heart! Many, many blessings Smith family!
~Anna Stone :D

Quinn said...

Oh she is simply beautiful! I don't know that I've ever seen a more lovely, perfect complexion on a baby! So glad that the birth went smoothly and that you were able to use it for your edification (That is one of my favorite things about childbearing- in fact it was my first pregnancy that the Lord used to draw me to Him & when I first acknowledged the existence of a Creator. I loved learning each lesson He has had with each one since.)