May & June in Pictures...

The days these past couple of months have been full and flying by.  We have had times of work {lots of those}, times of play and times of fellowship...hope this pictorial post sums it up.

Great season of Spring Flag Football...they played hard and Logan really enjoyed it!

Austin's final Youth Orchestra concert of the season...always a beautiful evening and encouragement listening/watching young musicians play together.

Our garden...Lord willing I'll get around to do a garden post.  The blueberries were eaten as fast as they ripened!  Check back for more pics in the future ~ Our Spring Garden 2011 future post.

The battle of tree roots during our Backyard Makeover...all in the name of fence installation!  Seemed like the majority of the back fence section encountered and involved digging deep to remove tree roots from trees removed; fence posts to be put almost exactly were the massive root system remained. 

Picnic & evening of delightful Symphony Orchestra music in the park ~ a break from the laboring and basking in beautiful sounds of music.

Preparing the ground for the above ground pool placement...root/debris removal, added dirt, leveling, and edging for the stone to border the pool area.  Hard workers ~ but happy ones.  :-)

Our pre-sod photo...oh my, was the dirt black and how everything crossing over it was, too.  So glad to have real grass, a play area for get-togethers and a smaller side yard with grass for the playsets and fort!  {And what a blessing to have another young man's assistance with the laying of it...he, too, slept well that night!} 

Enjoying the fruits of all the labor ~ a wonderful refreshment on these humid summer FL days!

A sweet time of fellowship Memorial Day weekend at a friend's home...time of prayer giving thanks to those who served our country protecting our freedoms {and for those who currently are}, worship and afternoon fellowship.

A beautiful time visiting with a dear friend ~ celebrating her birthday!  {Zach arrived a bit later due to a meeting a work.}

More work in the work finishing the roof to the kids fort.  Hours of fun to be enjoyed by all the little ones {as a result to skills and labor to get it all done}.

Another fun water element added to the backyard ~ has been great for watering flowers, filling foot washing tubs and gives a glimpse of days gone by when water had to actually be pumped and carried.  ;-)

Reusing/re-purposing wood from the deck we have become benches for the backyard and horseshoe pit areas.  Austin took this project on himself and has constructed 3 benches thus far...with staining to come soon.

I'll have to try to post a picture of the backyard as it is now...nearing completion.  Still a couple elements to take care of before we can say DONE, but it is so much better and we are just loving the safety, opportunities and privacy the new backyard provides.  Lots of labor, lots of good nights sleeping, lots of skills learned and looking forward to lots of use and enjoyment!

So, if you add a few more fellowship times, a couple more birthday celebrations, closing the 2010-2011 school year {before some start summer classes} and more work, that gives you a glimpse of what's being going on for the past couple months in our home.  Looking forward to enjoying the days of summer break, planning for next year and the arrival of #8. 

Blessings ~

In all toil there is profit...Proverbs 14:23a
Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with your might...Ecclesiastes 9:10a


Monica said...

You have been very busy! Your yard looks great and I know you will enjoy your new pool! We sure enjoy ours, refreshing after a day in the hay fields.

Plain and Joyful Living said...

It is a joy to come upon your blog. We also have a large family and marvel about God's blessings.
I love the repurposing wood picture - we do lots of that too.
Warm wishes, Tonya