Carolyne Joy's Birth Story...short version

Short Version of Carolyne Joy's Birth Story
{a lot of details are left out of this version but thought some people may only want limited details so here the LONG version here}:

3 weeks prior to delivery ~ onset of inconsistent contractions {which continued over the 3 week period}

End of week one ~ loss plug, some effacement, 2cm dilated {excitement that things were starting…anticipation of an upcoming birth}

Week 2 ~ {due date} more effacement, 3-4 cm dilated {anticipation that birth was imminent…surely with this much progression things would happen soon…disappointment as our due date came and went with other women who had been due around the same time as me delivering already}

Week 3 ~ no change…no more dilation, no baby {discouragement, frustration and doubt this girl would ever come…}

Week 3…Friday ~ another sonogram to make sure all was well with me and baby Carolyne Joy {to my dismay the first image of her also showed her weight of 9lbs. 11oz….oh my word!}

Conversation with John who has done our sonograms for 11 years now, as follows:

“John, 9lbs. 11oz.! I can’t deliver a baby that big!”, I said. Tears began to roll down my face {I don’t like to cry, but this couldn’t be helped.}

“She’s not 9lbs., 11oz. It’s hard to measure weight when they are term. What was your last baby? Your biggest?”, he asked.

“8-14.”, I said with tears still streaming.

“She probably 8 something and you’ve already delivered 8 pounders. You can do it, she’s your 8th.”, he answered.

“But the screen said 9-11…she looks so pudgy. Is she okay? All things are working well and should I be concerned about anything?” “So, what’s the new due date?”, I asked.

“Everything looks great. The images are just hard to be accurate due to being overdue. Due dates don’t change…she looks fine and everything is working just like it’s suppose to.”, was his reply.

I tried to be encouraged, but had my doubts as to her size…8 something, I don’t think so.

Week 3 continued ~ the weekend was full of activities, with no increase in contractions or their intensity. {discouragement mounts, surely people are now wondering how late was…will she come? Am I prohibiting her from coming somehow? She’s only going to grow and at some point she’ll have to be delivered! Could I do it?}
September 13th, 3am ~ contractions wake me up and continue manageably for the next few hours…I decide to call Karen around 6:30am

Conversation and background information as follows:

[Huh…maybe this would be the morning? I waited and watched as the time crept closer to morning without any real increase to intensity or closeness…however, around 6:30am I thought I’d call my midwife and just let her know…maybe something was happening.] She answered and told me she had just arrived to another birth. “Okay then,”…that said, I knew I would probably “shut down” labor wise until she was available…[I know what you’re thinking…how do you shut down labor? Trust me, my strong will has done it before ~ I typically start to shut down my labor when the sun comes up. The day is just too full of activity in the home and, for me, lacks peace for bringing forth a new baby. Been there and done it on a couple of occasions.] She offered to come check to see how much progression had taken place if I wanted; call her back in about an hour to let her know what I decided to do. The mind is a powerful thing and I told her “I’ll wait for you to finish…just call and let me know when you’re done.” {smile}
September 13th; noon, 4pm, 6pm ~ Karen checks in with me and gives updates on this first-time mom she is with…her baby will be here anytime. Karen calls another midwife to come check on me [This 1st time mom had a beautiful home birth but some minor complications after birth so a hospital transfer was necessary. Karen stayed with her until the transfer was complete and this new mom was settled. She is a wonderful and wise midwife…a blessing to those she ministers to.]

September 13th, 7:30pm ~ Michelle arrived shortly after her student, “Peachy”, to check on me. She calls Karen to let her know I’m about 5cm [Side note later about this call.]

September 13th, 9:30pm ~ Karen is on her way…arrives around 10:30pm; Mark calls my friend and she brings the children home at my request ~ more peace for me knowing they are getting a good’s night sleep in their own beds and Zach would not be affected with classes on Wednesday morning this way.

September 13th, 11:00pm ~ Michelle leaves, Karen and two students remain…adults try to get some rest as the rest of the children are sound asleep. Karen and I talk a bit after she gets some paperwork done. She checks me and I’m still about the same…[Side note on this coming soon.]

September 14th, midnight ~ I suggest Karen go try to rest; she reluctantly does. I stay in my room paces and praying. [See the long version for more details on this.]

September 14th, 12:05am ~ God answers my specific prayers immediately. Back-to-back, VERY intense contractions kick in. I’m alone [long version contains more details] and go to wake up Mark.

September 14th, 12:20am ~ Mark gets Karen…amazingly she checks and I am 7cm dilated! I start shaking and feel nauseous…I’m in transition! [No water birth…no time…long version contains more details of this God given testimony.]

September 14th, 12:45am ~ I give a little pressure with a contraction…water breaks.

September 14th, 1:35am ~ I am given the green light from Karen that I can push… I pushed once, WAIT…her hands are on her face. Sorry, no stopping now, she’s got to come…work it out I said. Push two…there she is, three, all of her out! Three pushes, three minutes…no tearing, no complications…with the exception of her being a little bruised due to the nature of her birth ~ but Vitamin K really helped with that later. Praise the Lord!

September 14th, 1:40am ~ Carolyne Joy’s official time of birth ~ 10lbs., 12oz. and 22” long

For the rest of the story, you will have to go the long version and read the WHOLE account, God’s perfect timing from beginning to end.

Blessings ~

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Jenna said...

What a sweet birth story, Mrs. Smith. I enjoyed reading each word, and was very blessed by your post!
I pray that God will continue to bless darling Carolyne Joy and your sweet family! She is a beautiful baby girl!

Many Blessings,

Laura {{* *}} said...

This new life is SO deserving of the LONG version! Read the long version!

O my!
What a picture!...
you laboring
around the outside of the house
to wake Mark!
Nothing like a breath of fresh air in the midst of bringing new life into the world!

His faithfulness prevails.

Welcome, sweet Carolyne Joy.
We already love you.

{{* *}}

Anonymous said...

Wow! That is all I can say. My daughter was 9 lbs. 7 oz. and had to come c-section. My hips were to narrow for her to pass through the birth canal. Congrats on a beautiful family!

Quinn said...

What a beautiful & God-glorifying birth story! I love to read birth stories, but what a treasure it is to read one that shows so clearly how the Lord used this birth for your sanctification!

Your dear baby is just as beautifully rosy as I remember her big sister to have been! The picture of a feminine complexion :)

Praying for your continued recovery & the good physical & spiritual health of Carolyne!

Farm Girl said...

Lovely post about the goodness of God. You have so many blessings standing around you. I love your pictures.
I pray God will continue to lead and guide your family.

Purposely at Home said...

10 pounds?! Wow! Bless your heart. :) I thought my sis was big at 9 pounds. ;D She is beautiful....congratulations!