Mondays…the first day of the work week…back to school…back to routines, schedules and unfinished projects. Thankful for…

#11 family gatherings… memory making…fleshing out God’s word of love and hospitality

#12 each week begins on the Sabbath ~ basking in prayer, worship and praise

#13 affirmation from a boy listening to sermon and soaking in truth

#14 loving sisters

#15 noise, fingerprints and dirty feet ~ a sign of life brimming full in our home

#16 a pedicure for tired feet ~ the loving birthday present from my eldest redeemed when most needed

#17 pumpkin, ‘tis the season for it

#18 fresh flowers, beauty displayed

#19 home maintenance getting done and a husband who was home today to do some

#20 Spanish lessons on the computer

#21 laundry drying on the clothes line


That all would be done as unto the Lord…

Thanksgiving to Him above ~

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Quinn said...

Sandals, clothes drying out on the line, and pumpkin season :) How fun to see fall from your Southern perspective!

Jarnette @ Seasons of Life said...

Hi Quinn! It's true...our "southern autumn" does allow for clothes drying and flip flops and some might even dare to swim. {although the water is colder than spring water here...hence, my husband has covered our pool}. The weather is lovely...although how lovely it must be to have leaves change into colors of red, orange, gold and purple! I'll just have to enjoy viewing them from afar via blogging posts until we can travel to see them...maybe next year.

Blessings from sunny, "cooler" FL ~