The Home School Mother's Journal

In my life this past week…

each day was filled to the brim with living. We enjoyed the company of friends on several occasions this past week we haven’t seen in a while as well as visits with out-of-town family at the end of the week. We were excited to share our little Carolyne with them all. My mid-wife also came for a visit at the beginning of the week to redo Carolyne’s PKU, weigh her {can you believe she is still the same weight of 10 lbs 12 oz, but has grown just over an inch in 3+ weeks…the time of her visit?!} and it was so nice to just sit and talk for a while. {It’s kind of sad not to have our weekly visits anymore…one of the things I miss about being pregnant.} We ran into another friend twice this week when we were out doing errands which allowed for some catch-up time…so sweet seeing her! Mid-week I met a friend at the bookstore in the evening, enjoyed a cup of hot ginger-peach tea {decaf…praise the Lord!} and closed the place down with good conversation and encouraging words for one another.

Great visit...growing healthy and strong.
Orchestra went well for Austin and we’ll begin private lessons to help refine his skills at the end of this month…Lord willing. We had lots of football this past week when games were cancelled last weekend. Today was a double header to make-up for the first game and it was a nail-bitter! There was even some one-on-two time for my mom with a couple of the children this week…they enjoyed lunch together, listened to her stories and colored pictures together. She has expressed a desire to spend some individual time with each of the children doing a special activity {making potholders with Alyssa, playing games or coloring with the younger children, etc.}…she desires for them to remember those times with her and is thankful for the extra time the Lord has given her to be able to do it.

Today proved to be a great double-header day...quarterbacking most of the time he played offense, pulling LOTS of flags when playing defense!  Great games Logan!  Nail-biter 1st game ~ so close to winning with a 12-13 score and an amazing 2nd game 30-0!

What’s coming up this week…

the usual Orchestra practices, football practices and game, a home school mini-conference with sessions for dads, moms & children. Some of the sessions include practical time-management {a favorite of mine}, successful family devotions, dwelling together in unity, young men/women keeping their future on track…etc. We’ll also spend more time with our out-of-town family with dinner at our home one evening.

In our home school this past week…

Graham continues learning new letters, their sounds and blends with basic words being taught…the beginning of learning to read…how exciting! Alyssa spent quite a bit of time working through science with our mother’s helper. LLATL is still going well for Logan, as are the rest of our subjects…Apologia’s Astronomy probably being his favorite one right now. Austin continues to trudge along with a heavy school load {the older they get the more the load}…doing well with SOS American Lit. & Spanish 1, Saxon Algebra 2 and we love his Apologia LIVE classes each week {especially me, as it helps with one less subject to grade}!

Our tadpoles became tiny frogs this week which added some excitement to the home. Lots of cooking and baking together this week: meals and two new cookie recipes. The girls and I purchased some fabric for skirt making…Lord willing; we’ll be able to start some sewing soon.

Cinnamon Oatmeal Cookies

Chocolate Nut and simple cookie recipe perfect for autumn!

My favorite thing this week was…

Time spent in the kitchen with the children. I love teaching them to cook/bake and know what a blessing it will be as they get older, one day having their own kitchens. The memories made together are a joy. As they grow older and develop their skills more, they will not only be a future blessing to helping our family but one day will bless their spouses and children.

Things I’m working on…

More to-do lists have been made for each of us to provide vision and direction for what I desire to have done in the days ahead. The older boys have been working on the area behind the fence getting the horseshoe pits made, a fire pit area ready and simple planters so the space is more usable in the upcoming days. Our garden boxes are being cleaned out, relocating one of them and getting that area improved for future use…not sure what or when we will plant again. Some room rearranging took place with Graham’s toddler bed being taken down and him moving up to the twin bed…bunks separated. I worked on deep cleaning our bathroom cabinets, labeling each bin and assigning everything a place.  The workings of managing a home is on going with things always needing to be maintained, adjusted, and revised to keep things running smoothly for our large family.

Love my P-Touch label maker!  I use it for keeping order in every room

I’m cooking…

Last week we made two different cookie recipes. Click here to read about our time together in the kitchen, see some pictures and get two great cookie recipes.

This week’s menu:

Sunday: Simple Sunday…sloppy Joe’s, chips, corn and a dessert {possibly}

Monday: Chicken Cordon Bleu, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Asparagus

Tuesday: Beef tips n’ gravy over egg noodles, steamed broccoli, whole wheat dinner rolls

Wednesday: Chicken broccoli water chestnut casserole, biscuits

Thursday: Baked ziti with chicken sausage, Texas toast {Also making a triple batch of basic muffins for Friday morning’s breakfast…whole wheat apple cinnamon, mini-chocolate chip cranberry and maybe a pumpkin one, too}
Millet muffins pictured on the left and mini-chocolate chip cranberry muffins pictured on the right

Friday: Should be tortillas, but I will probably change it maybe cheeseburger soup

Homemade whole tortillas...homemade salsa...makes for a family Tortilla Night!

Saturday: Smoked ham, homemade cheesy macaroni, green beans and whole wheat dinner rolls {our family dinner hosted at our home for our out-of-town family}…dessert…maybe another new cookie recipe {love my Taste of Home 2010 “Best Loved Cookies & Bars” magazine!}

Deliciously cheesy once the cheese melts and plenty to go around!

I’m grateful for…

Opportunities to share our love for the Lord with others through hospitality, ministering in simple ways to the people He puts in our lives and daily through caring for my own family.

I’m praying for…

Our family, friends and neighbors daily…His continued provisions and wisdom in handling them, for the challenges of many of the young moms I have heard about and how the Lord would use me in that regard, for my own walk and witness…that He would continue to refine me {though it hurts} to make me more like the godly woman I desire to be.

A photo, video, link, or quote to share…

One month already...

Blessings ~

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Kelli- AdventurezInChild'Rearing said...

beautiful girl! beautiful family! I love spending time in the kitchen with my 3 boys too- almost as much as being outside cooking over the camp fire! (almost) :)

Willa@ArmstrongFamilyFare said...

I enjoyed reading your post! We have a son named Graham as well! ;) Your menu sounds delicious! Hope you have a wonderful week!

SnoWhite said...

Thanks so much for joining us and sharing with us new recipes you aim to try this week. Hope to see you back next week!

Jarnette @ Seasons of Life said...

Kelli, Willa & Sno White ~

Thanks for stopping by.

Kelli, I have never cooked over a campfire...BUT my family loves to camp {it's a boy thing here}. It seems like our kitchen is usually a hub of activity and cookies are the thing right now. ;D

Willa, Graham is such a sweet name {sometimes his grandma calls him Graham cracker, sometimes we call him Grammie or his brothers may call him Gramster}. Our Graham is our giver and is aware of trying to bring others joy. Just love him...

Sno White, I hope to join you again this week on Friday. Not sure what recipe to share this time ~ we've tried a few this week. Thanks for hosting.

Blessings to each of you!