Homemade Liquid Laundry Soap Recipe ~ Yield 6 Gallons

Can you believe the costs of laundry detergent today?  We have been paying over $20 per bottle of liquid detergent and considering how much laundry we do, it certainly doesn't last long!  We have a high efficiency washing machine {not a front loader, though} and I am always on the look out for how to stretch our family dollar where I can.  In search of saving money on laundry detergent, which was costing me over $20 a bottle, I began looking for a homemade liquid laundry detergent recipe.

The recipe had to be easy to make, economical and work!  So, what did I find?

After trying a few different recipes, this recipe from Penny Raine's Bookstore {which was a free download at the time I tried it in August of 2009} was the one I selected to use.  I did make some minor revisions to that recipe and you can read the step by step instructions in my post from 2009, my costs breakdown and see a picture of the process, as well as read my one year assessment of the recipe located in the comment section of that same post.  Farming on the Faith has a creamier recipe with less ingredients, but the production amount was less, therefore I committed to Penny Raine's for the amount it made ~ which meant it would last us longer.

I used this recipe for 4 years, but in sumer of  2013 I journeyed again; this time to find a detergent recipe with more fragrance and a bit more suds value.  The recipe can be found under my Homemade Cleaning Products and Cleaning Tips tab above.  This is now our favorite, but a bit more costly.


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