Lego Clean-up Idea

Kids LOVE Legos!  Moms LOVE the educational value of Legos!  What we don't love is the "OUCH!", when we feel those unexpected little pieces on the bottom of our feet!  So, what's a mom to do?

Sacrificing pedicures because of Legos on the!  There must be another option...

The next time your children want to play with all those wonderful little pieces, lay down a sheet or blanket first.  This becomes their Lego Creation Zone where all building takes place and their imaginations can sour.

Like this day when our little one wanted to play in the living room.

Or like today when a couple of them wanted to play in the bedroom

#1 ~ Gather four corners of sheet 
#2 ~ Lift over the Lego container {don't mind the muscle showing...funny young man}
#3 ~ Release one end and wahlah...Legos neatly fall into the container leaving the floor Lego free!  

Clean-up then becomes a breeze.  Simply pick up the four corners of the sheet, hold the Lego filled sheet over your container and release one side.  Now hundreds of pieces easily fall into the container and hopefully your feet will thank you later.  Not to mention the Legos singing praises at not becoming the next victim of the vacuum cleaner!  A win, win in my book!

Let the Lego building begin!

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