Works for Me Wednesday

The dynamics of managing a large family is all encompassing...the more people living in a home, the more there is to manage, right?  Well, one summer after loading a full dishwasher of CUPS (are you kidding), something had to change.  I mean many cups do you need in a day?

Here's what works for us:

Each morning the children select their cup.  We label it with a strip of masking tape and write their name on it.  For the sippy cups we try to write a date on it, too.  (How many of you have FOUND a sippy cup with milk or juice remnants in it after 'hiding' for a few days?  Not pretty, although it could make for a great science experiment!)

A simple label with initial or name and date to help keep cup consumption under control...Works for Me!

Wallah!  Now, we have severely decreased our cup consumption, thus saving TIME and RESOURCES (electricity, water and chemicals needed for washing all those cups).

Hope that helps some mom of many out there...

Happy Cup Reducing ~

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Wendy said...

We have a system for this too! My husband usually loads the dishwasher each evening (I waste too much space and it drives him crazy), and he noticed that we were doing the same thing. Each person would end up, by the end of the day, with 2 or 3 cups. If we'd had company that day, it was even worse! I bought some inexpensive colored plastic cups from Wal-Mart and "assigned" each person in the house a color. That way we don't even have to label our cups or look to see which cup belongs to which person. It works really well for us. :)