Making Your Home a Haven

Greetings! I pray that with this season change upon us (our Northern friends are surely in full thrust of rich colors now); it has brought about a refreshing breeze to your homes and lives. Like a breath of fresh air the Father above gives us through His word as we breathe it in daily, I hope this season will bring a renewed desire to be intentional in our living. If this is your first time visiting, be sure to leave a comment and say “hello” (or if you have visited before…leave a note to say you stopped by). My hope is that while here you will be encouraged in your calling as a wife, mother, daughter, sister…

Well, as a further encouragement during this lovely season, Courtney at Women Living Well is hosting an October challenge ~ Making Your Home a Haven. This challenge is broken down into weekly challenges for the month of October for intentional living as we focus on making our homes a haven.  (Monica from the homespun heart is also doing a similar challenge this week.)

As wives and mothers our days are full of Distractions, Demands and Duties…sometimes we can allow these to hinder our Delight. I intend for this challenge to help me intentionally refocus my attention onto the Lord and to pray more, live more intentionally and focus more on how my behavior and attitude can set the tone of my home.

Courtney’s first challenge for this week is to:

  • Light a candle everyday in your home (well, that’s pretty simple) AND
  • Every time your eye catches sight of your lit candle, to say a prayer for peace to be in your home. (This is what I would call the intentional part.)
    One in the hub of our home...the kitchen
Another near a beautiful reminder of God's quiet time candle

I did light a few candles yesterday (as well as today) and my prayer is for peace to be the tone of our home ~ peace between each other, peace with the Lord’s direction for our day and peace to take over when things may not go smoothly (with a home full of children there is always sharing and kindness with everyone putting others needs before their own usually a squabble to be had at some point … several points… during the day). As the aroma from the candles fill my home, I pray that peace will also be the unseen aroma that resides throughout it…by God’s grace and my intentional actions to aide in bringing that about.

Yesterday, we spent some time bringing out our autumn decorations and creating focal points of the rich colors this season provides. Our Creator is so giving to design us to have senses…senses to smell the fragrances of His creation, senses to tastes the fruits of each season, senses to see the beauty of His design (if we will just slow down long enough to look at it), senses to hear the sounds associated with a change in season and senses to touch that can warm our hearts.

How are you intentional in living, in such a way, to create a peaceful home? What have you found to be a way (or ways) to encourage peace and joy to be present? Your comments may be just the means used by the Lord to encourage someone today that is struggling in this area…

That peace would be evident ~

If you would like to participate in Courtney’s challenge you can click here to see the challenges for this month.

I am also linking up with Monica over at the homespun heart, doing a similar challenge titled Make Your Home a Haven each day during this week.  She has a lovely blog reflecting the beauty of her creativity and making her home a haven.


Theresa said...

I hope to create a home with joy and peace for my famiy and all those who enter. I know the mom's attitude affects those around us so easily so am trying to be mindful of that.

Seasons of Life said...

Theresa ~

Thanks for visiting and your encouragement to us all...that our homes would be a blessing to all who enter.

Because of Him ~

Jenna said...

Mrs. Smith,
It was so nice meeting you the other day in Publix! I was so happy to finally talk with you in person!
I am so very thankful for this beautiful season of Autumn that has just arrived. It brings so much joy to my heart!
A peaceful homestead is always so wonderful... Thank you for your words of encouragement on that topic!

Many Blessings,

Seasons of Life said...

Miss Jenna ~

It was a pleasure meeting you and your mother ~ God's perfect timing...couldn't have planned it better. May He bless you and these lovely days ahead as you work with your mother to create a haven in your home.

Blessings ~

teachermomof2 said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog today and for your sweet comments. You are so right about the distraction, demands and duties, that hinder the delights of everyday. I'm really working on my attitude and tone too, as well as encouraging the children to be kinder to each other.

Your candle displays are lovely.

Blessings and peace, Lisa

Anonymous said...

Hello there.

I am dropping by via Monica's The Homespun Heart. I hope that you had a wonderful peace-filled day in your home!

Tuesday is my family's "busy" day. Sometimes too busy. Even with rushing to a woman's Bible study, I often wonder if this is what God really wants for me...especially with babe in tow!

I have entered a new season in my where I am both wife and mother. For many years, it was just my husband and me. Then, we were blessed with our 3 little ones...later in age and marriage! I wouldn't trade it for anything, but I certainly wonder if I would have had more energy in my 20s! LOL That is why I find it so important to create our home as a husband and I definitely need a place to recharge our batteries and reconnect with each other after a long day!

Many blessings to you from the Heartland,

Laura {{* *}} said...

This is a timely, and most encouraging post.

The thing about a lit candle...

~it is evidence that someone was intentional about creating atmosphere
with a tiny spark.

~there is something in the human spirit that responds to that small flicker of light, and it's warm little glow.

~it draws us to a place of settling, yet how, we don't quite understand.

~But God knew what He was doing for us
by giving the gift of firelight.

Thanks for the Women Living Well link.
We can do this.

{{* *}}

Seasons of Life said...

Laura ~

Your words add a beauty to our candle lighting and provide a lovely picture of calm, peace and invitation. Thank you for your blessed comment and encouragement shared with us all.

Blessings and peace this week, my friend ~


Valerie ~

I am so glad you stopped by today. Peace is something that we work at daily and difficult to obtain when life is busy with children, especially. I find that life is full of seasons and stopping to be still, pray and seek what the Lord desires for me to do in that season. Children grow fast (I oldest is 20 and it really didn't happen overnight. ;-D )

I pray that He will give you wisdom as you seek Him, peace as He directs you and joy as you follow Him. May you have rest in the haven you are creating for your family.

Blessings and peace this week ~


Lisa ~

It's nice "meeting" you and your words are true about tone ~ something I must be mindful of ~ thank you for the reminder.

May this week be a week of peace and joy as you seek to serve your family in love.

Blessings ~

The Nunnallys said...

Lighting my candle each day has really helped me to focus on my tone. I can get frustrated, but if I change my tone it really changes the whole picture in our home. I love having the reminder to pray for peace in our home and even when I can't see the candle I can smell it.

Sherry @ Lamp Unto My Feet said...

I have enjoyed this past week with lighting the candle each day. I can already tell a difference. :)

Lands Family Led by the Lord said...

Hello Jarnette,
Standing beside you my friend as you create a haven for your family. A home filled with HIS peace and presence....

Thank you Lord that peace and love with faith will be given to us from YOU, God the Father,, and the Lord Jesus Christ... Ephesians 6:23

Blessings for a wonderful week,