Back to School Beach Fellowship

Thursday, August 6th started out clear and sunny - a great day for a beach fellowship! However, the Lord had other plans. By the time we arrived over to the beach late afternoon, the storms had rolled in...the thunder rolled and the lightning was all over the place! Each family (some having been there for a couple hours already) loaded in the line of mini vans, cars, trucks and passenger van to wait out the storm and decide what to do next. Pizza anyone? It was the perfect solution - with the exception of dodging lightning bolts to get over to the quaint beachside pizzeria. :-) We (9 families) packed into the restaurant taking all but one table and ordered several pizzas...the owners were quite gracious...thanks Rocky! After tummies were filled and the storm passed (40 minutes later) we all headed back down to the beach for surfing, boogie boarding, skim boarding, sand castles and ultimate Frisbee! It was a blast - from the littlest one year old to the parents (ages not necessary :P) - all enjoying the time of fellowship and play. Hope you enjoy the movie (just a few of the taken photos).


Emily Elizabeth said...

I love the slide show :)
What a fun day! Glad y'all could come!


Emily Rachael said...

What a fun day we all had!
It was so nice to meet you(again) :)