Down By The Creek Bank Musical

Saturday night was the finale to VBS...a classic children's musical about Creation. The children were all so excited as they entered the sanctuary...bubble blowers, butterfly nets, fishing rods and camping gear in hand...skipping joyfully through the congregation until they all entered the 'creek bank set' on stage ready to sing the first song. Right on cue, the sound of praise coupled with hand motions began from ages 4 - 14... It was a sweet story line about our Creator God, enhanced with choruses and solos, playfully witty lines and the truth of Scripture throughout. The set was under a large tree, in front of a beautifully painted backdrop and all the camping gear one could need for this trip...not to mention the dock right at the waters edge! :P

(***Before viewing the promotion video or musical video clip, scroll down to pause the music playlist at the bottom of the blog, so you can hear the children and the music for each video.)

The promotion video was shown a few weeks ago on Sunday morning, which allowed the congregation a 'sneak preview' of what the children had been working on in July during the Amazon Expedition VBS on Wednesday nights.

The 30+ minute musical was a truth-based, fun-loving evening that concluded with a picnic for all to enjoy! My attempt at this little video snippet doesn't compare to the live presentation and sweet voices the children lifted up, but hopefully will give you a glimpse of this classical musical.

Praise be to God for all those who used their God-given gifts and served during this body, many members.

Because of Him...By His Grace and For His Glory!

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