The Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside my is overcast and relatively quiet in the neighborhood. The lawn is in much need of some attention - awaiting a young man to mow later today and do an extra thorough job of weeding and weed eating.

I am thankful for...starting school TODAY, which is going fairly smoothly in spite of some unplanned adjustments. :-)
From the learning rooms...ABeka 1st grade curriculum, Phonetic Zoo (spelling) for another child, silent assigned reading, puzzle time and one napping. :-) Much has been accomplished already - praise the Lord.
I am creating...the liquid laundry soap recipe and for dinner...slow-cooked beef tips with gravy over noodles with steamed broccoli and rolls.
I am reading...the Bible (Proverbs daily & James) and Babywise by Ezzo.
I am hoping...for continued smoothness as we adjust to new schedules, waking up on time and getting to bed early this week; a home project to be completed in the next couple of weeks to help with keeping order in our home and provide a little more usable space.
I am hearing...math recitations taking place with 1st grade ABeka and spelling words being spelled out loud.
A few plans for the rest of the week...simply staying on track to the best of our ability and according to the Lord's direction; taking an extended lunch later this week to attend a local homeschool support group's open house to hear a guest speaker and make a last minute curriculum purchase.
Here is a picture thought I am sharing...

The liquid laundry detergent recipe we made last night...curing as I type and I am hoping this will be another wonderful alternative to purchasing expensive detergents. This recipe was from a downloadable e-book found at Penny Raine's blog (it was free last month). Check it out - I'll try to comment later to let you know how it worked. If you are looking for a good powdered laundry detergent recipe, check out Two Strawberry Girls blog. I have used this recipe and was very pleased...thanks Lisa. :-)

Thank you Peggy for hosting this simple daybook. To read other Daybooks you may do so here.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the laundry soap plug.
Hearing you loud and clear on that yard thing, moving goats as fast as we can.
Glad the start to school is going well. Did you place your curriculum order already and are just picking it up or is she bringing items to sell?
Thanks and may you have a blessed day of joy with that precious baby in tow.

Joel said...

I am so glad your new school semester has started smoothly. I am always amazed at how much you homeschooling Moms do and put up with, truly you are all treasures from our Almighty Savior.