Pumpkin, Projects, "Pretties" and Praise

This past week was a time for all of the above. 

Kailynn and I made pumpkin muffins. I used all freshly milled soft whole wheat flour instead of a combination of all-purpose and whole wheat as the recipe stated. I love the autumn season and the pumpkin recipes that accompany it!

Alyssa and I also made this delicious pumpkin bread recipe we found on Raising Homemakers. It was simple to make and lives up to its name...Delicious Pumpkin Bread!  This is definately more of a dessert than bread...delish!  {And here's a frugal tip for you...when you use your butter sticks, take the wrapper and put in the freezer.  When you need to grease a pan, take the frozen wrapper and rub on your pan to grease...and then through away.  This method utilizes that last bit of butter ~ no waste and pennies saved.  ;-) }

Another family favorite pumpkin treat are these pumpkin sandwiches.

Pumpkin has such wonderful nutritional benefits. {nutritional facts found here}

Of course, these recipes are not as healthy due to the sugar and butter, but oh do they taste good.

These treats have made completing projects less laborious. ;-) Austin has been busy getting things ready for fall fun.
A close up of one of the boxes...some re-purposed {or being frugal...however you want to look at it} wood from our old deck still being used for new projects.  Sand for the pit area and black mulch for the "platform" area.

Here's a distant shot with a glimpse of some improved landscaping down at the rear of our property...two planters:  one with crotons, aloe and some flower plants the other in the top right contain iris plants.

The horseshoe pits are completed and the garden is planted for winter, which we hope will provide a nice crop of lettuce, cabbage and two kinds of potatoes. The potatoes we are experimenting with…how hard can it be to grow potatoes? Last year our lettuce turned out well and the cabbage…it’s a locally grown crop, so the climate is right for it. We are using starter plants for both greens.  Time will tell what this winter crop will be...

Cabbage starter plants before he put them in the garden boxes.

 The girls and I enjoyed some “girl time” this past week…with toenail painting on a rainy morning. It’s been a long time since I have painted toenails for the girls and they were delighted! They were happy to pick their colors and little special stickers. It was a perfect opportunity to talk about how Jesus served his disciples by washing their feet and how we should seek to serve one another as Christ gave us this example to follow.

 This month is a wonderful month to lift up praise to Him from whom all blessings flow. As we read our Thanksgiving books this month, fill out “Thanksgiving” leaves for our “Tree of Thanks” and seek to serve one another {and others}, we cultivate a heart of praise. Those moments each day when we take time to “Be still and know He is God”, provide opportunity to give Him praise for all He is and does. Throughout the day, when we listen to our worship music, we can lift our voices in songs of praise. I love hearing the children singing Amazing Grace, Come Thou Fount and Be Thou My Vision as much as hearing them sing the children songs A Little Missionary, This Little Light of Mine, and Jesus Loves Me. To cultivate a heart of thanksgiving at an early age…

In celebration of Thanksgiving this month, I am planning to do a GIVEAWAY that week. I hope you will be blessed and join in ~ check back for details SOON. Until then, have a blessed weekend and let your heart be filled with praise!

Blessings ~

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April said...

Dropping by from Friday Favorite Finds. Those pumpkin sandwich cookies look like they would be a fun and yummy treat to make with my daughter.

Laura {{* *}} said...

I recognize those precious pudgy purple toes!
They move at lightening speed don't they?

Pumpkin baking is a good place to start with
~ girls in the kitchen ~
it is a very forgiving ingredient and
the nourishment can't be beat.

I'm coming to live at your house. :)

{{* *}}

Monica said...

I love pumpkin break, pumpkin pie...anything pumpkin. I will have to try these pumpkin sandwich cookies! Yum!