The Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY...Tuesday, November 2, 2011

Outside my window...beautiful Florida autumn weather with temperatures in the 70’s, cool breezes throughout the day {great for hanging out laundry} and a warm sun that feels so good on the face.

Our tall Sycamore trees blowing in today's morning breeze...the sun's rays breaking through the branches making the leaves glisten a Florida autumn color ~ much green still remaining.

I am thinking...I hope today Carolyne has a better day…which means we will all have a better day; praying she doesn’t have tummy bubbles today and will actually take a couple of good naps ~ much gets done during naptimes around here.  AND it's been far too long since I posted my daybook, too.

So far, so good...a peaceful morning due to a sleeping Carolyne Joy.

I am thankful for...physical health, the refreshing change in weather making outside work and play enjoyable, each day the Lord has given…how precious and short this life is {may I not take it for granted, but use the moments I am given well…}.

Mark & Austin take advantage of the great autumn weather and work on making horseshoe pits in the back area of the property...this will be great outdoor fun!

I am praying for…my mom, my uncle & his family at the loss of their son, a friend’s mother who will be having surgery on Thursday, and for intentional living.

From the learning rooms...beginning to read {5 yr old}, practicing division problems {8 yr old}, dividing fractions {11 yr old}, practicing several classical pieces on the cello {15 yr old} and two of our children practicing a song to be sang in a couple of weeks at church…life skills are daily being learned in baking, constructing horse shoe pit and log rack for fire wood.

Loving Apoligia LIVE classes this year for's going GREAT!
Working on ABeka arithmetic this morning...division is our new focus and review of the other signs...of course, ABeka makes math challenging. ;-)
Handwriting and Henty...the perfect match.  This morning Logan's listening to Winning His Spurs, a classic about the crusades during King Richard the Lion Heart's era.  He's battling his own war, so to speak, with a head ache this morning.
An ABeka activity today was to drawn your breakfast on a paper plate...K drew an egg on hers and Graham drew an egg, bacon and a blueberry muffin on's breakfast.  ;-)

Logan made a whole wheat chocolate chip cookie recipe completely on his own this weekend and served them to the outdoor crew {Mark, Austin and the rest of us}.  They turned out delicious...job well done!
Austin used leftover wood from our backyard remodel summer project to construct this fire wood rack.  This will be great for this autumn/winter evening fires with s'more making!

From the kitchen...meatloaf tonight with fresh steamed green beans and pressure cooked potatoes.

I am wearing...a long, black cotton skirt with a cornflower blue scoop neck t-shirt, bare feet and hair pulled back in a long pony-tail…simple, comfortable outer attire covering a peaceful spirit

I am creating...more like what I’d like to be creating and hope to work on this week ~ updating Carolyne’s scrapbook, making circle skirts for the 3 girls {this is a BIG ambition…not sure time will permit}, and a new “Thanksgiving Tree” to use this month.

I am see if we can do a fire this week with s’more making ~ the children are looking forward to this activity…we do this time of year…the boys will be more than willing to cut some fire wood and my husband is always ready to sit around the fire {s’mores are just icing on the cake}…maybe we’ll do our devotion time around the fire and hymn singing, too. The more I sit here thinking about it, the more it’s moving up on the “let’s-do list” this week!

I continue reading...and meditating on Scripture ~ last night the Gospel of John.

I am hearing...the sound of the washing machine, ABeka phonics video lesson and the sound of the breeze blowing through the leaves as the windows are open this morning

Around the house...continued projects for making the most of the space our Lord has given us to serve our family and extend hospitality to family & friends; daily lessons; baking {cookie recipes being tested weekly with the children} and cleaning/organizing {a continual process in our cozy home of 10}.

One of my favorite things…the rich colors of autumn {artificially created in our home, since Florida’s autumn is a far cry from the mountains north of us!}, cool nights, a fire in the fire pit and a cup of “warm” cocoa ~ okay, so that’s more than ONE, but they all tie together so nicely.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing…

She loves braided pig-tails...or as she would say, "Mom, tie my hair in two ponies."  ;-)

Blessings this week ~

Thanks Peggy for hosting this Simple Woman's Daybook.


Monica said...

I enjoy your daybook very much! I am looking into getting the Abeka (grammar) for my 13 year old son. I don't think he is getting it in public school. I wish I could stay at home and home school my children! Hope Carolyne does well today!

Jarnette @ Seasons of Life said...

Hi Monica! Thanks for stopping by today. We have used ABeka mostly for the early years and ending years {only for English in highschool}. There are so many options available...Shirley Grammar, Daily Grams, and thematic types of Language curriculums like Total Language Plus and Learning Language Arts Through Literature.

I have found that learning through reading good literature, through teaching from editing written work and simply speaking properly teaches the basics even without a curriculum. As parents {whether homeschooling or not} we are also teaching our children and the Lord provides daily opportunities to do so. ;D

Thank you for the words of encouragement ~